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What are the methods for cleaning and maintaining copper doors?


There are many types of household door materials, such as wooden doors, aluminum doors, stainless steel doors, plastic steel doors, glass doors, and so on. No matter which material you use for your door, cleaning and maintenance are essential. This article mainly introduces the knowledge of cleaning and maintenance of copper doors. If you have installed copper doors in your home, please bookmark them.


1、 Daily maintenance


1. The paint on the surface of the copper door has a good protective effect on the material inside the copper door. If the surface paint is scratched or even peeled off, it will expose the raw materials to the outside for a long time, react with the oxygen in the air, and rust, affecting the appearance. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited for hard or sharp objects to collide with this product during use.


2. It is strictly prohibited for high oxidizing and highly corrosive chemicals to come into direct contact with this product. If chemicals accidentally come into contact with the surface of this product, please immediately rinse with clean water, wipe the water dry with a cotton cloth, and then spray cleaning agent on the surface of the product for cleaning and maintenance.


3. During the decoration process, do not rush to remove the peritoneal paper to avoid damage to the product, as chemicals such as cement and paint that fall on the copper door during painting can easily cause black spots and rust; The lower frame should also be protected by U-shaped grooves made of wooden boards. If your wall needs to be cleaned, please make sure to seal and protect it with plastic film before cleaning the wall. Chemical agents used for cleaning the wall (especially marble walls), such as oxalic acid, can seriously damage the product. It is strictly prohibited for such substances to come into contact with the surface of the product.



4. After the product installation is completed, please remove the surface protective film of the product within 30 days to prevent the protective film from adhering to the product and affecting its appearance.


5. Do not use excessive force to open and close the door leaf, and do not forcefully open the door leaf.


6. Do not apply various oily substances to the lock hole to prevent blockage. If there are any problems with the door leaf not opening properly or affecting the use of copper doors, please contact the manufacturer's after-sales service department in a timely manner.


7. This product should be avoided from direct exposure to rain and sunlight as much as possible. If it is frequently exposed to rain or direct sunlight, it will shorten the appearance and service life of the copper door. If the product may be exposed to rain or direct sunlight after installation, it is recommended that customers install a rain shelter.

  铜门清洁保养小妙招 值得收藏

Copper door cleaning and maintenance tips are worth collecting


2、 Cleaning methods


Step 1: Use a duster to sweep away the dust on the copper door:


Step 2: Spray the cleaning agent evenly on the surface of the copper door; (The cleaning agent can use Bai Li Zhu home cleaning products, which are available in the market.) However, never use cleaning agents that will damage the paint to prevent the protective layer on the surface of the copper door from being damaged.


Step 3: After three minutes, clean the surface and every corner of the copper door with a clean cotton cloth. If it is difficult to insert the key into the lock hole or the transportation is not flexible during use, please apply pencil lead powder to the lock hole to lubricate it.


That's all for the cleaning and maintenance knowledge of copper doors. I hope it will be helpful to you. The content of this article comes from Jinan Tongmen. If you are interested in knowledge related to other categories, please read: Welcome to come!

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